January 11, 2016
RENO, Nev. (Jan. 11, 2016) – The new year is here and for many that means kick starting a resolution to get fit and stay healthy all year round.
Finding the motivation to get started with healthy eating and exercise can be a challenge. That’s why it’s important to remember to start with gradual and attainable goals – such as walking a few minutes each day.
To start 2016 off right, each week Renown doctors are inviting the community to join them for a free walking club to improve both daily – and lifelong – health.
For your Wednesday lunch break, you’re invited to Walk with a Doc. This free, weekly walking club encourages everyone to get moving with a low-impact workout.
Walking for as little as 30 minutes each day can reduce the risk of heart disease, osteoporosis, breast and colon cancer, and Type 2 diabetes. Walking can also help improve blood pressure, blood sugar levels, blood lipid profiles, mental well-being and help maintain body weight.
Walk with a Doc encourages healthy physical activity in people of all ages, and aims to reverse the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle. This national nonprofit’s mission to improve the overall health and well-being of the country marries well with Renown’s goal to do the same here in our community.
Registration is not required for this free program, just grab your shoes and meet at Virginia Lake at noon on Wednesdays. Starting in February, the Walk with a Doc program will move to Aces Ballpark.
For more information on Reno’s Walk with a Doc, visit renown.org/WalkWithADoc.
About Renown Health
Renown Health is a locally governed and locally owned, not-for-profit integrated healthcare network serving a 17-county region comprised of northern Nevada, Lake Tahoe and northeast California. Renown is one of the region’s largest private employers with a workforce of more than 5,700. It comprises three acute care hospitals, a rehabilitation hospital, skilled nursing, the area’s most comprehensive medical group and urgent care network, and the region’s largest and only locally owned not-for-profit insurance company, Hometown Health. For more information, visit renown.org.
About Walk With a Doc
Walk with a Doc is a nonprofit organization that encourages healthy physical activity in people of all ages, and reverse the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle in order to improve the health and well-being of the country. “Just Walk™” Walk with a Doc has over 100 active programs across the country and around the world. To learn more, go to www.walkwithadoc.org.
 Walk with a Doc soundbite log:
Christine Stollings, Enjoys “Walk with a Doc” Program
0:00 “I love this, we have got to get this out to the people. We have got to get more people out here, it is so much fun. 0:05 It really is and it’s a good way to chat and visit and walk and do exercise, and maybe even a question or two for the doctor” 0:13
Dr. Janie Konakis, Renown Health
0:00 “For the same reason as the physician that originally started it, I struggle to get people to make lifestyle changes. 0:07 We’ve become very much a pill-popping society and if there’s a medication that can make me better, that’s often what people would choose to do. 0:16 So I wanted something to get the whole community, patients, everybody just to get a little bit more active. To make activity a part of your daily life.” 0:26
0:28 “Walking can improve so many things in our health. It can give us more energy, makes us stronger, improves balance along with decreasing our risks of so many chronic diseases.” 0:39
0:41 “If you’re really trying to improve your fitness or compete competitively then you obviously need to build on that, but just for general health, 30 minutes a day five to six days a week is fantastic 0:52 and it doesn’t necessarily all have to be in the same 30 minutes. 0:55 For people who are busy, if they want to do 15 in the morning and 15 in the evening, that’s great. It all adds up.” 1:01
 B-roll locator: Virginia Lake

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